About Us

Amy Benton Writer

Amy Benton Browning holds an M.S. in English from Southern Connecticut State University, a B.A. in English from Ithaca College, and is a certified 7-12 English teacher.  Her idea for The Grammar League© was born out of necessity when she realized that her middle school students couldn’t tell her the subject of a sentence.  After Amy’s introduction of Nounman, her students took an active role in the development of additional Grammar League© personalities, intuitively developing relationships between characters. She knew they had created something very special once her students greeted her in the morning asking, “Is today Grammar Friday?!”  Amy has been thrilled by both teacher and student response to this heroic attempt to empower students to master their own language.

Matthew Benton        Artist

Matthew Benton has been an artist from his first set of watercolors.  Professionally, in the illustration and animation field, he has enjoyed a career of over 15 years.  Matthew has excelled with forays into painting, figure drawing, and sculpting.  However, his most accomplished talent, drawing pictures for children, developed with the birth of his first niece.  It is both his own experience as a teacher and his extraordinary imagination that enable Matthew to understand the minds of middle schoolers.  He possesses the uncanny ability to bring to life abstract concepts in the personalities of endearing characters.  Each of his original designs for the Grammar League© heroes was instantly beloved by all of Ms. Browning’s students.