The Grammar League© program is a classroom-ready, linguistically-based, comprehensive program for teaching the parts of speech.  It features a band of original animated super heroes. Each hero or heroine represents one of the parts of speech and is physically designed to embody the characteristics of that part.  This program, reflecting the tenets of linguistic grammar as well as visual literacy, focuses first on the form of each part of speech, highlighting inflectional and derivational affixes to aid in identification rather than relying on ineffective definitions.  The Grammar League© program then turns its focus to the multiple functions of each part of speech and the ways in which those parts interact to create effective English language structures.  Students are put off by the mere mention of grammar because it is confusing, boring, and seemingly irrelevant to the rest of their language arts experience.  The Grammar League© addresses these issues by being understandable and useable, exciting and kid-friendly, and designed to integrate with any English curriculum.

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